News and Updates: 


As the year ends, so too does our Fall 2017 season. We hope this was a great season for you and your kids. Thanks to the many volunteers who make our program possible and help creative positive experiences for the kids.

We know that many of you are already wondering what programs are available in the spring. Our spring programs are different from the fall, and we will be letting you know all about them soon after the new year. Keep an eye on our website or our Facebook page for details.


Congratulations to all of our Fall 2017 Division Champions:

BU10 Blue Shockers led by coaches Nikki and David
GU10 Killer Cranberries led by coaches Rob and Matt
BU12 Neon Monkeys led by coaches Chris K. and Larry
GU12 Lavender Lightning led by coaches Greg and Gavin
BU14 Category Five led by coaches Max, Greg and Gavin (again!)
GU14 Solar Toast led by coaches Chris M. and Michael

Thanks to all of the coaches, players and parents who made for a great season!


 HSDHopSkipDrive is now the proud transportation choice of AYSO Region 70 for West L.A.! Use the promo code “AYSO70” when you schedule your first ride and your ride will be free! Not only that, but HopSkipDrive is also making a donation to Region 70 for every Region 70 family that tries HopSkipDrive for the first time! Get your kid where they need to be AND give back to our Region 70 while doing it! You can’t lose!


AYSO Region 70 is looking for a new Regional Commissioner. No specific prior experience is required for this position but it is helpful to have either served on the Region 70 board or on a school, sport or public board. Experience on the Region 70 board is strongly encouraged.

The duties of the Regional Commissioner can be found here. They include running the monthly board meeting, working with the Assistant Regional Commissioners, the Regional Coach Administrator, the Regional Referee Administrator, the Regional Treasurer, the Regional Field Administrator and CVPA to keep the region running smoothly throughout the year. The Regional Commissioner also represents the Region at Area 1P board meetings and at the AYSO National Annual General Meeting.

If you are interested in being nominated as Regional Commissioner, please contact Peter Diamond. We expect to accept nominations until late November and the Region 70 board will vote at the December board meeting. The candidate will then need to be confirmed by the Area Director and the NBOD.


Registration for our our Fall 2017 season is now closed. Check back here for information about upcoming programs, or send us an email with your specific questions


We hope you had a great Opening Day! Check out our full calendar for the fall 2017 season, and follow us on Facebook to keep current on the latest and greatest news and information from Region 70!

Coach and referee training for Fall 2017 has been scheduled. Contact your division director for more information.