Coaching Resources

Coaches can download game/roster cards and coaching manuals here. The single game card file prints on letter size paper, and includes both the front and back of a standard card. The Four Card form prints on legal size paper, and also includes both the front and back. The inLeague Reverse Side card prints only the reverse two-card side for an inLeague roster. Card-stock or heavy weight paper are strongly recommended.   The manuals are large PDF files.

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Two_side_XLS            Two_side_PDF           

Other great sources for coaching information:

The national AYSO website's coaching resources page includes links to a set of training games for U6, U8 and U10 players, as well as the "Ask the Coach" newsletter series.

AYSO's online training website includes video training programs for U6, U8 and U10 coaches, in addition to the on-line Safe Haven™ training course.

Training Page

US Soccer Federation

The US Soccer Federations website has a coaching education program with a brand new curriculim and a set of online materials.  The "Concepts and Coaching Guidelines" booklet is especially good.

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