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Region 70 Tournament Teams

As fun as our regular season and playoffs are, AYSO also offer additional opportunities for our more skilled or experienced players to participate in tournaments. That starts with a “Turkey” tournament, which is a two to three-day event (depending on division) taking place on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving, in a Southern California location (probably Pasadena) with more field space than we have on the Westside, and continues into a December tournament (usually in Beverly Hills), and building to All-Star play taking place in January. 

Each year, Region 70 forms post-season "select" teams to participate in some of these tournaments. Players are selected based primarily on ability, as demonstrated at the Region tryout and during regular season games, with some consideration given to the positional needs of the team. Consideration is also given to the parents' ability to volunteer, since each team will require two coaches and three referees. Further, because Region 70 Tournament Teams represent the Region as a whole, exemplary sportsmanship and overall behavior is expected of all participants.

For any questions about tournament teams, please contact our tournament teams director Al Norooz.