Volunteer Registration


You should first log into your profile on InLeague and click on "Player and Volunteer Registration". Click on the "Review" button next to your name and update your volunteer preferences.

A. Volunteer Registration Begins On Our Own Region 70 Registration Site

1. Log in to InLeague (ayso70.com) and navigate to the "Player and Volunteer Registration" page.

2. Look at the "MY2019 AYSO Membership" column. Your status will either be "Pending", "Complete", or "Incomplete".

3. If your status is "Pending" or "Complete", skip to step 8 below. If your status says "Not Required", then you have not indicated your interest in volunteering for the current season. If that is the case, please click on "Review" and be sure your volunteer preferences are entered correctly.

4. If your status is "Incomplete", click the red "CLICK TO RESUME" button. You’ll need to check that the name displayed is your legal name. If not, stop here and email registrar@ayso70.org to correct your name. Then add your date of birth. If you go by a name other than your legal name, you can use the "Display Name/Nickname" field to enter that name.

5. Confirm your contact information, and select your volunteer role(s), or review your selections if already shown.


6. You will then be asked for the last four digits of your Social Security number.

7. Please accept and e-sign the consent and release form.


8. Before moving on, make sure your name (must use your legal name), address, date of birth, and last 4 of the Social Security number are all correct. If your address is incorrect, you can make the correction yourself. If name, DOB, or SSN are incorrect, contact our Registrar at registrar@ayso70.org before proceeding further with the registration process.

9. The next step in the Background Check process is to wait to hear back from us. Depending on your volunteer role and history, you will either receive an invitation directly from Sterling Volunteers to perform your background check, or you will hear first from Region 70 administrators to confirm you’re still interested in your chosen volunteer role and willing and able to do the required training.

B. The Background Check

1. You will receive an invitation from Sterling Volunteers, the company chosen by AYSO to perform background checks.

2. You will need to create an account on the Sterling Volunteers website, separate from your AYSO account.

3. Once the account is set up, you’ll spend a couple of minutes entering the information required to launch the background check. You’ll notice a $25 fee for the background check. Region 70 will reimburse all active volunteers for the cost of this background check with a $25 Amazon gift card.

4. You’re finished registering when you get to the "Congrats!" screen. You’ll be notified by Sterling when the background check is complete. Results will be sent to AYSO.

Registering with our local site

In addition to registering with the National AYSO program, every volunteer needs to be registered on our local site, using our InLeague system. InLeague is how we communicate with volunteers, as well as how you find out information about teams, sign up for games as a referee, and so on.

If you have already registered a player this season, then chances are you already have an InLeague account. All you need to do is to log in and ensure that your information is up to date and your volunteer preferences are set appropriately. To do so, click on the “InLeague Sign-In” link on the upper right of this page, then log in and click on “Player and Volunteer Registration”. Find your name and click on “Register Now” or “Review”, then check the appropriate box to volunteer as a coach or referee. Verify your information is correct, and hit the Update button at the bottom.

Regarding the email opt-out: If you are a volunteer, please do not opt out of receiving email from West Los Angeles AYSO. Doing so will prevent us from communicating with you about team assignments, games, and other critical information. We will not send you any spam or add you to any advertising mailing lists.

If you are a volunteer and have kids playing this season, but have not registered with InLeague yet (this might be the case if, for example, your spouse registered your children as players, but you will need a separate account for yourself), then you should add yourself as a user. To do so, have whoever registered your players log in to their account, then click on Player and Volunteer Registration, and then “Add New User”. Fill out the form with your information, and click on Create User Account. Make sure to specify your volunteer preferences (coach and/or referee).