2022 Fall Game Schedules

Opening Day is September 10! Schedules now available.

NOTE: While we do not anticipate changes, these schedules are subject to change, especially for later weeks in the season.
Click on your child's division to see their schedule. If the link is not enabled, the schedule has not been finalized.

PLAYOFFS - Playoffs begin December 3.

For playoff brackets, click here.

For playoff rules, click here.

GU5 Jamboree
at Cheviot field #3
BU5 Jamboree
Session 1 - 9:00am
Session 2 - 11:00am
at Cheviot field #3


Schedules in U14 and above are controlled by our local Area and are subject to frequent changes, so check them regularly.

Home teams are listed first and should sit on the West or North side of the field.