2021 Spring Return to Play FAQ (updated March 29)


Please read below for information about the program structure, safety guidelines and how to register for our spring program. There are still many unknowns (particularly our access to fields and the number of volunteers we get to coach, referee and organize) that may require us to change some details of the program as we progress.

[NEW 3/29] When will I hear about my child's coach/team assignment? We expect to form teams during the week of April 4 and your coaches should be in touch soon after that with information on your team's practice time. All teams will have a first meeting/practice at a kickoff event on Saturday April 10.

[UPDATED 3/29] When will the season start? We will hold a kickoff event on April 10 where teams can meet their coaches and have a first practice. Games will begin on April 17.

When will the season end? We are planning for the second weekend in June.

[UPDATED 3/29] What ages can participate? We are opening registration for all players born between 2002 and 2016. If certain age groups have low registration or too few volunteers, then we may combine with neighboring age groups or take other necessary steps. If for some reason we are unable to launch a program appropriate to your child's age group, then we will issue you a refund.

[NEW 3/29] Who should I contact with questions? Your best contact will be the volunteer division director for your child's age group. You can find that list at https://www.ayso70.org/regional-board/.  

What does the program look like for my child's age group? Please click here for an explanation of our different divisions as well as some special notes about a few adjustments we'll be making this season.

Can my child play in a younger/older age group? Maybe. Please contact your child's division director with your request.

[UPDATED 3/29] Where will games and practices be held? Practices will be held mostly at the soccer field at Westwood Park with a few at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center. Games will be held mostly at the turf field at Westwood Park with a few at the large soccer field at Mar Vista Recreation Center.

What day will games be held? Most games will be on our usual Saturday, but limited field space may require some games on Sundays, particularly for our older players.

What day will my child practice? We allow parents to pick one “no practice” day where we guarantee not to place you, and we do our best to accommodate other reasonable requests. Ultimately, our available practice times will depend on what days our volunteer coaches choose to practice. If your schedule is very limited, we may not always have a practice happening at that time. [NOTE: Our U5 and U6 players are Saturday-only.]

Can my child be on a team with their friends?

  • In the U5 Jamboree, there are no teams, and all players of similar ages are placed together. Players can easily stay with their friends.
  • In the younger non-competitive divisions (U6 - U8), we allow "friend requests" (within reason) for children whose parent volunteers to coach, referee or organize the division. Requests to "form our own team" may be allowed if the parents on that team agree to fill all necessary volunteer positions - two coaches, two referees and, for this season, a safety monitor to ensure that proper safety guidelines are being followed.
  • In U10 and U12, (competitive divisions where we keep score), friend requests take a back seat to maintaining balanced teams to create the best possible playing environment for all of our players. Coaches and referees may have some limited ability to request specific players.
  • In U14-U19, roster sizes are large and we can generally accommodate many friend requests while maintaining competitive balance.

What else will be different? There are still a lot of moving pieces, so we know there will be more changes, even if we can't predict them now. We will all need to be a little flexible.

Safety Guidelines: We will strictly adhere to the L.A. County Board of Health rules for return to play, as well as requirements from L.A. Parks and Rec.

1. All participants and spectators, including players, coaches and referees, must wear an appropriate face mask at all times, except during water breaks when players will stay a safe distance apart. 

2. Players must bring their own mask, ball and water and be dressed appropriately for soccer. 

3. Parents will be kept at a safe distance from the soccer field. For example, at Westwood Park, parents will remain outside of the fenced area.

4. Players must stay home for any practice or game if anyone in their family is showing fever, nausea, headaches, sore throat, or just not feeling right. In place of in-person checks at the field, each family must complete a brief online health questionnaire on the day of (and prior to) all soccer activities. Players who have not checked in will not be allowed to participate in that day's program (but you can access the site from your phone.)

5. Each family will need to provide a signed informed consent document as required by L.A. County.

6. There may be changes to these rules. Failure to abide by these or any other rules or guidelines from Region 70 may result in a player being removed from the program; in such instance, no refund will be provided. 

To see current L.A. County Return to Play guidelines - click here


Step One - Register your player with Region 70 for the 2020-21 season. This annual fee will cost $30 and cover your player's AYSO registration for Region 70 programming until next fall. THIS STEP IS UNNECESSARY IF YOU REGISTERED YOUR PLAYER FOR OUR FALL OR WINTER TRAINING SESSIONS.

Step Two -  Sign your player up for the "2021 Spring Season" event. The cost will be $150** for the season. When signing up for the Event, you may indicate one “no practice” day and add additional comments if necessary.


**Financial aid is available. Please contact us at info@ayso70.org for more information.