Region 70 Principles of Play

AYSO's core philosophies are on display each week during our games. We build upon the philosophies to create certain principles of play that govern in our Region. Here is an overview:

Positive Sideline Behavior

Our children are often exposed to extreme examples of competitive and aggressive behavior in sports, including athletes, coaches and fans screaming, stomping and engaging in other undesireable conduct, all driven by a "win at all costs attitude."  AYSO is different. We strive to promote a positive experience for all players (and spectators) regardless of the outcome of games. AYSO's KidZone policy is that sideline spectators should not engage in negative behavior of any kind - only positive encouragement is acceptable.  Any abuse directed at the referees is absolutely forbidden. We are the first role models for our children. Let's be their best role models, too. Parents who cannot abide by the KidZone principles for positive sideline conduct will be asked to leave the field.  

Three-Quarter Play

As part of the AYSO "Everyone Plays" philosophy, the national rules require each player to play at least half of every game. We strive to go further. Our goal is to ensure that every player has the opportunity to play 75% of every game (except in a few cases where the roster sizes are that impossible,) but each player will always have the opportunity to play in more than half of every game each week. No player may play the entire game unless all of the players are playing at least three quarters of the game.

Rotating Positions

Consistent with national rules, we do not adopt goalkeepers until the U10 division. Once goalkeepers are introduced, we strive to ensure that all players - including those who are playing the goalkeeper position - receive training and experience in the field. Hence, during the regular season, no player may play the goalkeeper position for more than two quarters in a game.

Sportsmanship in Coaching

While we do our best to balance teams each year, the process is imperfect and the natural progression of children will result in some teams being stronger than others over the course of the season. In situations like this, coaches are expected to both teach and display the highest ideals of sportsmanship. Coaches must encourage their team to treat other players with respect, regardless of the score. Moreover, coaches must take proactive measures to avoid running up the score in a game. Such measures might include, for example, rotating players on the field and in goal, changing substitution patterns to rest high-scoring players and changing formations. Coaches who cannot abide by these principles may be suspended for games or be ineligible for post-season play.

Sharing the Fields

We are required to permit our fields from the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles School District each year. Our permits come with a number of conditions, which we must honor in order to ensure continued use of the fields. Accordingly, please refrain from smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages on our fields. Dogs are prohibited. Please clean up after each game by removing empty water bottles and other trash from the sideline area. Finally, because our field times are limited, it is essential that games start and end on time. All games should be stopped by the referee at the conclusion of the game time slot, regardless of whether the full game time has expired.