Being a referee is a great way to get involved as an AYSO family. It's also fun, and — most importantly — makes it possible for the kids to play. Without referees, there are no games.

No soccer experience is needed to become a referee. We will provide you with all the necessary training and a uniform. As a referee, you can pick which games you want to do. In 8U and below, you can even referee your own kids' games, so apart from the training there's no additional time commitment required.

Who can become a referee?

Pretty much anyone! If you have a child playing this season, you should definitely consider it. Even youths can referee games! The minimum age to become an 8U Official is 10, and to become a Regional Referee is 12.

How do I become a referee?

Becoming a referee is easy. First, figure out which level of games you will be refereeing, then register as a volunteer and take the appropriate training course. The training course is primarily online, with an in-person component depending on which type of referee training you sign up for.

What are the different types of referee?

Beginning referees can train at one of two levels, 8U Official or Regional Referee. 8U Officials can referee games at the 6U, 7U, and 8U level. Regional Referees can referee at 10U and above, in addition to the 6U-8U levels.

If you have kids playing in 6U, 7U, or 8U, we recommend you take the 8U Official course (though you may take the Regional Referee course if you wish). If your kids are playing in 10U or above, you will need to take the Regional Referee course.

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