Player Registration - Important Notices


AYSO Region 70 is an all-volunteer organization. During the registration process, you will be given an opportunity to volunteer. Without volunteers, there is no soccer. The reality is that we cannot form teams for all of our players without a full complement of registered, trained and certified coaches, referees and administrators. Accordingly, we ask every family to volunteer in some capacity to assist the Region in putting on the program. And don't worry about having experience, we will help you get the appropriate training and certification for whichever job you volunteer for.

On behalf of the parents and children of Region 70, we thank you for volunteering. Most of our volunteers find it is one of the best things they ever do for spending quality time with their kids.

Understanding AYSO's Age Divisions

Prior to the 2017 fall season, AYSO Regions across the country made a change from registration based on the school year calendar to a new system using calendar years. Teams are now formed based on the year that players are born, aligning our program with U.S. Soccer's Player Development Initiative and most organized youth soccer programs around the world. This was a one-time change, so all players will now advance normally through the different age groups. Click here to see your child's age division

Registration Fees 

Early Bird Discount Registration Fee (until May 31) $200 per player
Preseason Registration Fee (June 1 to July 31) $250 per player
Regular Registration Fee (August 1 and later) $300 per player

Refund Policy

Region 70's Refund Policy can be found HERE 

Division Verification

ALL PLAYERS may be required to provide a copy of their birth certificate or passport to their coach for verification against their inLeague registration records before the first game of the season. Failure to provide a birth certificate matching the player's DOB in the inLeague system may result in the player being dropped from his/her team and ineligible for a refund. 

More questions about registration? Consult our Registration FAQ, which includes information on volunteer positions, structure of play in the younger divisions and requests for specific teammates or coaches.