Can my child play in a different age group?

Requests to "play up" in a higher age level or "play down" in a lower age group will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the Regional Commissioner. Factors such as the child's size, age and soccer experience will be considered, and all changes are subject to limitations imposed by AYSO National Rules. 

What's the deal with wearing earrings?

Earrings and other jewelry are not allowed during AYSO games and practices, so please avoid getting ears pierced during or soon before the start of the season. Referees are instructed not to allow any player with earrings to participate out of concern for the player’s safety.

What are "no practice" days?

We allow parents to request one weekday when their child cannot practice, and we do our best to accommodate. Additional requests (e.g., for a second no practice day or a specific practice time) should be placed in the registration comments field, where they will be seen by your division directors but we cannot guarantee that they will be followed.

How does the Wait List work?

There are times when we may have more kids sign up to play in a specific division than we have room for or we do not have a sufficient number of certified volunteer coaches for a specific age division. In these cases we may be forced to place registered players on a Wait List until such time as either a new team is able to be formed or a space on an existing team becomes available. While this is not a common occurrence or a desired practice, it is sometimes necessary. In most cases, parents will be notified when they register (particularly for late registrations) that their child has been placed on a Wait List.

Players will not necessarily come off of the Wait List in the order in which they were placed on it. Region 70 will instead use a combination of factors to add players to teams or open spaces on teams. These factors include: volunteer status of the parents, order in which the player was registered, and rating of the player.

When taking players from the Wait List, we must take into account all of the program objectives and AYSO Philosophies, starting with maintaining balanced teams. This means that when a player drops from a team, we will look for a player of similar ability on the Wait List - we will look to replace a dropping strong player with another strong player if at all possible and vice versa. If we are unable to remove players from the Wait List prior to Week 3 of the Fall season, then we will offer parents a full refund.

What about COVID?

We will run our program in compliance with protocols issued by the LA County Department of Public Health regarding masking, testing and vaccinations. These guidelines are subject to change during our season, and a change in those rules will not be cause for player refunds except in the event our season is cancelled.

Does Region 70 offer financial aid for my child?

We do offer financial aid for our families for whom our registration fee will be a financial burden. Please send an email to our Registrar at for more information or to request financial assistance.