Much of the information you are looking for is available in the various tabs on the left side of this page. This includes information about the age groups, game schedules, practice and game locations, and our fall calendar. For other questions, please reach out to your child's coach or contact the director of your child's age division (they are listed here along with our entire Region 70 board.)


AYSO New Parent Meeting this Sunday! (plus the first Referee class!)

AYSO Region 70 (West LA) is holding a New Parent Meeting Sunday August 25 at 5pm at the Riddick Center located at 2638 Overland Ave. This event is open to any of you who would like to learn more about our program, but we very strongly encourage our new parents to attend to answer any questions you have about who we are and how the program works. Following the New Parent Meeting, we will offer a U8 Referee class at 6pm, which allows you to referee in our U6, U7 or U8 age groups (what we like to call the “U-littles”.)


Registration our Fall 2019 season is ending soon! Click here to register and for more details. Act now!

Here at West L.A. AYSO we love seeing kids running, smiling, and learning the "soft skills" of being part of a team. Since the philosophy of Everyone Plays is built into our program, your child is guaranteed to play at least 3/4 of every soccer game. No bench warmers here! With all that game time, your player is sure to Develop their soccer skills, stamina, balance, and strength all under the direction of a Positive Coach. Of course, soccer wouldn't be so much fun if we didn't develop Good Sportsmanship and Balance our Teams to ensure fair, competitive play. West L.A. AYSO also firmly embraces creating a safe place for your child through background checks on all of our volunteers and the AYSO Safe Haven program. And we use the latest research on age appropriate drills, games, and coach training to ensure a positive experience for your child.

The Proposed Full-Size Turf Field at Westwood Park

As many of you are aware, there is a debate taking place in our neighborhood about a proposal to build a full-size artificial turf field in an open space at Westwood Park using funds donated in memory of a local boy who died tragically last year. Region 70 is not taking an official position on this proposal. While our need for field space is great, our parks and recreation centers are community resources, and Region 70 understands that soccer is not the only priority. There is a reasonable debate to be had about whether this is the right use of this community resource, even in the face of the Mark family’s generous offer. While Region 70 is not taking an official position, we are concerned that there is a lack of accurate information in this debate, and in its absence, some misinformation has begun circulating. Please click here for answers to some of the questions that have been raised (skip to the bottom for the “what can I do” section.)

Region swag is available now! Does your player need a soccer bag to keep their gear together, or a great West L.A. hoodie in our Region's red and black colors? Click here for a current catalog of swag available from our local vendor.


Our Region 70 Board of Directors holds meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. Email us for the exact time and location if you are interested in attending.